27 April 2019


Peter test flew Richard’s impressive new Mustang which proved to be a winner.  Richard took control and the model flew as if onm rails.


Dave (right) preps his sport model which ended in a tangled heap immediately on take-off.  Much head-scratching, but Dave believes that a switching problem on the transmitter the most probable cause. Kathy supervises.

a Quorum


Peter’s latest


31 March 2019

A strange morning, starting with fog resulting in solid overcast at about 400 feet.  Several members flew and skimmed the bottom of the clouds.  Others concluded that disceration is…



Richard’s scratch built WW1 Italian Alexandro the subject of scrutiny, will it or won’t it? It did, but balance problems meant that it flew rather edgely.


24 March 2019

A new one…


Pre-take off Checks



17 February 2019


Family support


10 February 2019

It was hot, too hot for comfort but certain gentlemen solved the problem —


Geof introduced his new Carbon Cub S from Hobbyzone which includes SAFE Plus GPS-enabled drone technology which enables AutoLand, Holding Pattern and Virtual Fence, foolproof for a tyro.


20 January 2019

A beautiful morning with some spectacular cloud formations threatening wind, but it remained calm.


Later, club members enjoyed a barbecue at the home of Dave and Kathy. Not the first such occasion, but certainly a rare event.






13 January 2019

Dull and windy and only the brave or foolhardy diced with the elements.  Steve (background) and his Calmato were made for these conditions and he was untroubled.  Don chanced his luck with his light little bipe to be rewarded with a spectacular mid-air breakup. The rest wisely remained grounded.

Don and the wreckage


9 December 2018

An ominous overcast, black storm clouds all around with evident rainfall over the foothills. But, at the strip it was dry with little wind. However, it proved to be a smashing day. First a battery failure at about hundred feet had Rogers sport model nose dive to the ground under power to become a write off.

Then, Bill essayed a flight with his Super Tundra. All was well for about ten minutes when he set up for a landing and seconds before touchdown the model became uncontrollable, cart-wheeled and smashed off the forward section of the fuselage. It happened so quickly that it was not possible to assign a cause.



Geoff continues to progress and had successful flights with both his models.


Another technical conference:


11 November 2018

A fine, calm morning with half a dozen members present.  Richard relaunched and flew his pterodactyloid after rebuilding the wings and eliminating the warp.  It proved a little touchy in flight






Bill rigidly secured the heavy 6S battery in the correct CoG position in his Grand Tundra and opined that it would take an earthquake to shift it! It proved to be more docile then expected and infinitely versitile.


This week, Steve forsook the Stick and essayed several flights with his latest acquisition the Calmatod which flew like a bought one, smooth, precise and aerobatic.




4 November 2018

True to the forecast, Sunday morning produced a north-west gale which left three members flying the ride on mower. With no signs of any early abatement members present gave up and left


21 October 2018

The Stalwarts in conference…

A good attendence for a holiday weekend.


Bill reveals his latest. It flew but proved to be a powerful handful and restraining the battery to the CoG position proved to be an issue – back to the bench…


With the guidance of Don, Jeff persists and is well on the way to becoming a competent RC pilot.

23 September 2018

Once again, the forecast was wrong and we enjoyed a pleasant morning. Dave and Bill had a spot of glider guiding and Jeff persists in mastering his foamie. Dave exhibited his latest acquisition, a beautiful Cherokee.

Santa called early

09 September 2018

The first news post on the new website. Once again, the weather forecaster missed the target. What was slated to be a calm, sunny day remained overcast and chilly until early afternoon. Nonetheless, half a dozen members braved the elements and enjoyed flying in the calm conditions. The grey overcast made it a little difficult to observe the planes in flight. Peter left the Monster at home and put on a show with his sport aerobat. Steve put his corflute stick through its paces and mentioned that he was thinking about learning the regulation aerobatic routine. Bill lost power on his Storch and made a scrappy arrival, broke the prop.